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Scientific Energy Improvements is dedicated
to saving energy one Homeowner at a time!

  sei-100 SEI-100
Solar radiation causes roof temperatures to reach 160 degrees to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat is conducted...
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During these tough economic times We are dedicated to educating homeowners around the nation how they can save on there utility bills while remaining comfortable at the same time! We are a full service energy conservation company Located in Nettleton, MS. We specialize in energy efficient strategies through cutting edge energy saving products.
  sei-25 SEI-25
Double Bubble Water Heater Jacket works by preventing heat loss from...
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Energy efficient non-aerating spray reduces heat loss and increases comfort...
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is our most popular unit. It sits on the wall and is hard wired into your electrical panel improving...
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Our customers continue to write about how our products help them make their home more comfortable, while saving them hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs. Here are some of the comments we've heard:
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